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Restrictions are being eased in some places, and going out to choir practice feels like less of a dream. But what does that mean for the Stay At Home Choir?

In parts of the world, glimmers of light are beginning to appear on the horizon. We know the fight isn’t over yet, and with potential setbacks lingering in the wings here in the UK, our hearts go out to our fellow choristers and friends in places that still face immense challenges.

But as things begin to open up tentatively, we can’t help but allow one thought to grow larger in our minds: “Surely this will all be over soon?”

In fact, in a rare bout of optimism these last few weeks, Brits have been found up and down the country in that Great British institution: the pub garden. Enjoying pints of our beloved ale ‘on tap’ once more, and bathing in the spring sunshine. (Wearing many layers, and blankets of course! But hey, we’re used to it!)

Restrictions are also being eased over much of the US. And across the world, we join together in hope that these next few months will bring good news for everyone, and with it, a return to life as we knew it. We’re excited to hug friends and family once more, go to the theatre or a sports game, take our seat in a concert hall, and of course, go back to choir practice.

But what about the Stay At Home Choir? Will we still get to join together in song with our favourite artists from around the globe when all this is over??

Well, we have good news, friends – we’re not going anywhere!

The Stay At Home Choir is here to stay


We started the Stay At Home Choir amid global adversity. Our aim was to provide hope and solace to those isolated during the pandemic by coming together to sing. But what we have found along the way is even more permanent.

Together with you, our wonderful members, we have formed deep connections with new friends all over the world, and created works of art we never thought possible.

Your commitment and enthusiasm have inspired us. And we are in awe of the love and joy you not only bring to rehearsals but each and every video you record.

What started as a way of surviving the pandemic, has become a central part of our lives. And we’re not ready to give that up for a second.

The Stay at Home Choir is a virtual choir for all times


Of course, virtual choirs aren’t a new phenomenon. And at the Stay At Home Choir we’re so grateful to those who paved the way before us by developing technologies that allow thousands of people from around the world to come together and sing.

Long before the pandemic, people have enjoyed the global nature of virtual music-making. When Eric Whitacre founded his pioneering project, Virtual Choir, in 2010, the excitement from people around the world was palpable. The first project included 185 singers from 12 countries, which quickly grew to nearly 3,000 singers from 80 countries. His last project before the pandemic hit included 8,000 singers aged 4-87 from 120 countries, as well as a world-renowned professional choir and orchestra, and NASA!

Joining together with people from around the world to collaborate with professional artists and create immense works of art is something that stands the test of time. No matter what is going on in the world.

What has the Stay At Home Choir got in store for when we go back to normal?


We’re super excited to carry on offering our hugely popular projects and making music with you all long into the future.

Ever wanted to record an album? Well, now you can! As part of our newly announced Album Project, you can join us to learn and record five epic pieces from the choral repertoire over 10 weeks. And in November you can celebrate its release and feel proud of everything you and your SAHC friends have achieved during this strange time.

I want to join The Album Project! Tell me how!

But it doesn’t end there. We know you’ve loved the chance to work closely with highly-respected professional singers, conductors, and composers, and that won’t change. Over the next months and years, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with your favourite artists. Get to know them, learn insider tips and secrets, and improve your musicianship as a result.

All those epic pieces of music like The Armed Man that you rarely get to sing anywhere else? And those new pieces that were written especially for thousands of voices to create a sound like no other? You’ll still get to sing them. So, even as you relish the chance to sing close harmony with your vocal quartet in person once more, you’ll experience the incredible thrill of mass music-making with us.

You’ll still get the opportunity to appear in your dream concert halls around the world, even as you return to your local choir rehearsal room. And those friends you’ve made in far-flung corners of the earth? Well, they’re not going anywhere either.

And best of all? We’ll get to see you all, as we meet up in our online rehearsal room, reminisce on this strange time once it’s passed, tell stories from our back-to-normal lives, and share jokes about Lucy the Llama.

(If you don’t know about Lucy the Llama then we suggest you join our next project and find out!)

We cannot wait to see what incredible heights the Stay At Home Choir achieves as we all come out of this year together.

Let us know what you think!


Were you part of a virtual choir before the pandemic? Are you excited to keep joining SAHC projects even when you can go back to your choir in person?

Comment below and tell us! Or find us on socials (@stayathomechoir) to join the discussion about our next chapter.

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