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GO Submission Information


Please note: You must follow these key points below otherwise we may not be able to use your submission. We are unable to contact you if your submission is unusable for any reason. 

– Record your video in landscape orientation.
– The clap at the beginning of the recording must be audible and visible. This will be used to synchronise your file amongst the multiple thousands of videos we will receive.
– There must be minimal-zero background noise in your final recording
– Please be aware of spill, the click track should not be audible
– Ensure you are well lit   

How do I record?

We recommend playing the guide track (video above) over headphones on a laptop/desktop and using a smartphone to record your submission.

What format should my file be?

We can accept any file that your device will record as default. If there is the option please do not enable 4k mode.
Please rename your file to –
e.g Jamie Wright – Violin 1
Please note we will use file names to provide names for the credits. (see “How will my file be used”)

What should I wear?

21C Request: “No specific preference but it would be great to try to root the players visually to their country of origin, through their clothes or backgrounds of the videos, so that it helps us show the range and breadth of the GO orchestra. I leave it to the players’ discretion how they can best achieve that, whenever possible.”

When is the deadline?


Where do I send my file?

Upload your file via the dropbox link using the button below.

How will my file be used?


All the files received from the GO players will be combined with footage of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and members of the Stay at Home Choir to create a final video produced by Shared Studios as part of the Global Ode to Joy project.
While we (Stay at Home Choir) are collating submissions for the project and will provide names for crediting purposes. Crediting decisions are down to the production company are are our of our control. 

Participation in the Global Ode to Joy is on a Voluntary basis.

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting using the link below you agree to Stay at Home Choir’s terms and conditions here.